Intermediate & Advanced Barista Workshop (Day 5 & 6)


- Hotels: 6 nights hotels (6 nights in Quetzaltenango) http://www.pensionbonifaz.com.gt/home.htm
- Transportation (mini tour bus): transportation from Guatemala city to Quetzaltenango, to Guatemala city. 
- Transportation to coffee farms and inner city of Guatema City, Quetzaltenango
- Driver / Guide services to coffee farms, export companies, Anacafe, El Injerto, Beneficio Seco/Humedo
- Course supplies & materials
- Certifications for the courses
- Farewell Dinner
- Green or Roast coffee as our gift

Terms & Conditions

 We only accept max 6 people for our course. Please contact Alex at ensoluna@gmail.com to make the reservation for camp dates and ask for the payment methods.

Day 1 will begin at 9 am.

If you are coming into airport very early in the morning, we can pick you up from the airport and start the day 1.  However, if you arrive later than 8 am, then, you need to stay one night in Guatemala City, in zona 10 which is the safest hotel district.  We can recommend hotels for you to choose from and we will pick you up from the hotel.  We will provide you with our English/Spanish speaking guide phone number and other contact information.

For this course, day 1 through day 4 will be same as “Coffee Camp for Coffee Lovers” schedule. However, instead of going to Antigua for 2 days (Day 5 & 6), students will stay in Ensoluna laboratory in Quetzaltenango to learn and practice from 9am till 5pm.  It will be a very intensive learning and training experience.

Then, Day 7, we will drive you to Guatemala City.  If your flight is very early in the morning, you might have to sleep one day in Guatemala City or in Antigua (about an hour drive without traffic).  Again, we will make the proper arrangement for your travel schedule.
(If you would like to stay few extra days in our school to learn more skills and techniques or visit few days in Antigua, please let us know in advance.  With additional cost, we can make the special arrangement for you)

Ensoluna barista training workshop is perfect for coffee enthusiasts and baristas who are looking to further their skills.  For students who want this course, they will stay in Ensoluna laboratory in day 5 & 6 (instead of traveling to Antigua) to hone in on their skills.

Students will learn the theories, techniques and all the processes associated with espresso extraction, proper milk steaming & texturing and latte art pouring mechanics.  Our barista workshop offers hands-on work time with expert instructions in a friendly setting.   It is fun for anyone at any interest level.

- Espresso grinding, dosing, distribution and tamping
- Right use of espresso machine
- Proper tamper techniques
- Knowing your grinder
- Learning the fundamentals of Milk steaming & texturing
- Introduction to latte art (Demonstration + Training + Creation)
- Correct coffee to water ratio
- Proper grind size & setting
- Knowing appropriate water temperature & brew time
- Experimentation of coffee extraction
- Choosing the right method for specific coffee
- How to properly brew coffee using Chemex, French Press, Pour-over drip pot…etc
- Correct operation of equipments & upkeep methods

 Ensoluna Coffee Camp Certification will be provided after completing the course & Student photo shoot.


If you are willing to stay few weeks to few months in our company in Guatemala to learn about all the basics of coffee business and techniques (roasting, cupping, barista, operating various coffee process related machines..etc), we also offer an apprenticeship program. If interested, please contact Alex at ensoluna@gmail.com for more information.