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Coban is a municipality and the capital of the department of Alta Verapaz, located in the northwest of the Republic of Guatemala.

Its name comes from a word of the language Q'eqchi ', which means "the clouds" is that the region is very wet, even used to be a perennial rain, which lasted several days called by the locals "chipi chipi" or "mus mus hab '"in Q'eqchi', today, due to forest clearing this phenomenon is less common and the rainy seasons are more abundant but less constant.
Its height is 1316 meters above sea level and its topography is varied, with mountains and chasms or siguanes exceeding 1,000 m elevation and 100 m depth respectively lowlands down to about 300 meters above sea level sea in the north area, near the department of Petén.


Coffee Characteristics

COBAN Region is influenced by the Atlantic Basin and the area is cloudy, rainy and cool year around.  Also it is famous for its unique characteristics given by fertile limestone soils, humid climate with light rainfall throughout almost every month during the year with prevailing mild temperatures in a shade covered environment.  These conditions allow coffee trees not to suffer stresses like extreme dry conditions or excessive rainfall. And it provides an environment where the coffee bean can have a continuous easy growth.

Bourbon, Maragogype, Catuai, Caturra, and Pache coffee beans are grown in Cobán and harvested from December to March. 

Coffees from Cobán have a well balanced body, pleasant aroma, light acidity, and fruit like flavors.  The aroma is fragrant and has light wine notes. 

Rainforest Cobán® cup profile
(NOTE : This is a general profile of this region.  The cupping scores will be VERY different from each farm of the region)


The national flower of Guatemala

The national flower is the orchid Coban called "white nun". The history of the National Flower Monja Blanca begins in late 1933, during an international flower show in Miami Beach, Florida, the southeastern United States. After the exhibition, Mrs. Letitia Southerland, president of the event, wrote a letter to President Jorge Ubico to thank ordering send a group of orchids. Among those flowers wrote Southerland, known for its beauty one alba variety of Lycaste Skinneri-Monja Blanca, and having been informed that Guatemala has no national flower, respectfully suggested that this orchid is taken into account (Grimaldi, 2001) .

This suggestion of Mrs. Southerland was referred to the Government House and the next day, a Governmental Agreement where Ubico agrees that the White Nun, which occurs in the forests of Alta Verapaz, is the National Flower (Grimaldi, 2001) was published.


The city was founded by Dominican friars in 1543. Years later Imperial City was declared by Charles V. In 2000 the estimated population was 70,000. Coban Township is located in the central part of the country , a region where coffee grows strictly hard , and is the largest producer and exporter of cardamom in the world.

It was not until 1,863 that the change in the architectural style of Coban is made palpable as it is on this date arrives from eastern Guatemala , the first German citizen , who as a new neighbor started building an empire in the burgeoning Coban . The arrival of this character known as Rodolfo Dieseldorff , brought new influences and noticeable changes in business and architectural culture of the place. He was followed by many more, according to Father Ricardo Terga .

The desire to live in the country the government encouraged the liberal Justo Rufino Barrios (1873-1885) , who invited foreigners to come and live in Guatemala . However, there was a preference for the Germans, and they accepted it , motivated by suitable for coffee cultivation fertile land.



Every year in late July, a festival native people of Guatemala , The National Day is celebrated Indian Guatemala . The festivities include a beauty contest for indigenous women of Guatemala , involved about 100 ladies expressing their ideals in the native language and in Spanish , the winner is crowned with the title of " Rabin Ajaw " meaning daughter of the King , in language maya.

From Coban Imperial City , you can be certain that one of the most clean, attractive and quiet city in the country , in addition to a minimal crime rate , has an impressive ecotourism attraction. It has caves that descend hundreds of feet into the earth , endless caves with underground rivers to which you have access , the village also has numerous hotels and inns , restaurants and cafes that are almost a delicatessen, also has a life lively nightlife , especially the different dicostecas found.