The flavor of enlightenment

Special offerings of micro lots of unique and outstanding coffees are a true sign of coffee’s coming of age as exceptional specialty coffee.  These micro lots, often described as “Special Reserve,” “Limited Edition,” “Roast master’s Reserve” and so on, represent coffee from single farm (aka SOC, Single Variety) and are sold as an opportunity to experience the flavor associated with a unique moment in time and space and the dedication of a single farmer.  Unlike some companies who offer several limited edition coffees on a continuous roasting base, we offer only one at any given time, depends on the best coffee available at that time of the year.

Enso café is a Limited Edition lot.
These coffees are only from specialty micro farms in 8 regions of Guatemala and produce truly singular and distinctively tasting coffees.

Weight : 16 oz  Roast : Medium
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With Sol coffee, create your senses

Concepcion Huista in Huehuetenango produces SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) and all the coffee is shade grown, hand-sorted and wet processed by hand using fresh mountain stream water. 

The farm uses old traditional methods to ensure quality and consistency.  Huehuetenango where this farm is located is a special place, relatively arid, mountainous west and canyons creating a perfect environment for great coffee.  Huehuetenango highland coffee is the only coffee to be inducted to the Slow Food Ark of Taste, dedicated to recognizing and preserving food traditions worldwide.  Strong acid tone and well balanced body are the hallmark of this farm’s coffee, accentuated by nice, lingering chocolaty notes. 

Strong after-taste and delicate fruity notes, pomegranate and apple.

Weight : 16 oz  Roast : Medium
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With Luna coffee, nothing else matters

Finca San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta is a family owned plantation that has been producing coffee since early 1900, located in San Marco region that has volcanic soil and micro climate influence from the Pacific Ocean. 

This finca produces ample amount of bourbon, Caturra and Catuai that is very famous for very lively cup, sweet flavor with a backdrop of caramel note. Low acidity & bitterness. 

Very pronounced after taste with floral notes.

Weight : 16 oz  Roast : Medium
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The flavor that inspires…

Teja is a brand that represents the world renowned Quetzaltenango coffee region and being produced in Rancho Santa Maria (1500-1600 meters) which is owned and operated by Ensoluna S.A. 

The soil in Rancho Santa Maria (150 Acres) is rich in minerals, nutrients and sediments which are best for cultivating our outstanding SHB coffee.   All of the coffee plants are shade grown and carefully hand-picked and selected.  The milling and drying processes are strictly and carefully executed, ensuring consistent quality.

Teja coffee has full body, very well balanced with high acidity with sweet & chocolaty note.

Weight : 12 oz  Roast : Medium
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For International Buyers
Custom-made blend per request
Custom-made private labels and bag designs

WE ARE A ODM COMPANY : We are an original design manufacturer that blends & choose according to customers request and also we can design any types of bags, boxes which are specified and eventually branded by your own firm for sale in your country.

Since we have our own coffee farms along with countless associated coffee farms in different regions, we can choose the exact coffee beans you are looking for. And also because we have our own coffee processing factory along with cupping tasting laboratory (equipped with one of the best coffee taster, graphic designers and even web designers), we believe that we can virtually make any brand new creations according to whatever specifications and requirements that customers give us.

For this information, please contact Mr. Alex Y. Yoon  email :