• GuateJava Coffee and Roastery – Antigua, Guatemala
  • Kamalbe Spanish School and Volunteer Center
  • Paradigma Coffee Roaster – Guatemala City, Guatemala



GuateJava Coffee and Roastery – Antigua, Guatemala

GuateWorks Unlimited is a Guatemalan-based company that does "direct-business".
Through our direct relationship network of coffee producers and coffee producing communities we procure high-quality coffees to represent to the broader global market.  Many of our communities are marginalized by scarcity of access to the market and are left vulnerable and under-represented.

GuateJava Coffee and Roastery is one of the avenues that we represent our friends in the coffeelands.  We roast the coffees we procure directly from our friends at our shop in Antigua, Guatemala at El Rincon del Cafe, located at the corner of 6th Calle and 7th Ave.  There, we roast daily not only high quality coffee that represents the best of the various regions of Guatemala, but also the coffee we have directly purchased from the farms in our producer network. 

It is our goal to roast and represent an excellent cup of coffee and provide an avenue for our friends to gain recognition and revenue for their hard work, despite their lack of access to the coffee-world.

We also seek strategic alliances with others of like-mind who enjoy a great cup of coffee and who want those in the coffeelands to have equal access to the direct relationship market.  
Our network of producers, roasters, and development organizations collectively leverage the benefits of the coffee industry on behalf of the most vulnerable.  

We are personally and directly present in the country and in the communities from which we procure our coffees and we are directly connected throughout the entire supply chain, assuring traceability all the way back to the farms and families that produced the coffee.

We then go back into the most vulnerable communities through strategic partners like Global Community Works and LanVwa to bring further impact through a development direct approach to community revitalization where we collaborate directly with community leaders on strategies focusing primarily on Education and Business Development.

We believe that all participants in the coffee supply chain should mutually benefit from the revenues generated through viable and direct business.  All the shareholders should see increase and prosperity.  There is no participant in the coffee supply chain that should be left out of enjoying the full benefits of a great cup of coffee!

Kamalbe Spanish School and Volunteer Center 

We founded Kamalbe Spanish School and VolunteerCenter in 2005 in Quetzaltenango (Xela), Guatemala, for students who wish to study Spanish at a non-profit school.
Kamalbe aims to offer an alternative to the for-profit language schools normally found in Xela. Today, we are a small independent Spanish school, certified by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, which enables us to offer personalised lessons and activities to fit our students needs and interests. By doing so, we provide job opportunities for local teachers, local host families and drivers.

Kamalbe also works in the rural, indigenous communities of El Tigre and ecanchavox, Guatemala, as a non-profit organisation that helps to provide education to the Mayan youth. Most are single parents trying to sustain their families on the meagre income, which often is not enough to feed their children let
alone send them to school. In order to attend this situation Kamalbe School has
created programs to try to improve the life of the children: The Nicolas Scholarship Program and The Clotilde Mobile Dental Clinic. Our mission is to provide educational programs, dental mobile programs, scholarship programs, and any support to donors to ensure their continued assistance with our communities. We are proud of our progress, since only last year, thanks to our sponsors, especially Ensoluna Coffee Company and its main partner Alex Yoon, we sponsored 4 children and organised two dental clinics where we donated about 515 toothpastes and toothbrushes to the schools enrolled in the programme during 2016. Furthermore, we have reached one of the goals set last year to reduce the drop-out rates of the children attending the schools for 6%.

Kamalbe and its partners have many goals to reach in the upcoming year in the fields of health and education that will allow to create more sustainable and equitable communities in Guatemala’s western region. We hope that you can also help us to achieve our dream. If you would like to be a part of the project or support it, do not hesitate to contact David Mazariegos at lacomunidadschool@gmail.com or visit http:// www.xelaspanish.org/volunteer.html



Paradigma Coffee Roaster – Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the best & most known origins of quality coffees.
Connoisseurs and coffee lovers alike seek for their extraordinary flavor profiles.

As in other origins, it is common that most of the good coffees are exported to be roasted and consumed abroad.

Paradigm Coffee Roasters is a micro roaster that has an ambitious goal. That is to choose the best coffees from various farms in the country which are so extraordinary that they are reserved to be exported. However, Paradigma keep them right here, toast at the optimum time to maintain its freshness and offer to Guatemalan consumers (or foreigners) alike.

We want to give the opportunity to experience the best that Guatemala can offer, right here!
www.paradigmacoffee.com    Raulrodas@paradigmacoffee.com