Raúl Rodas - World Barista Champion 2012!

We are honored to introduce that Raul Rodas has joined Ensoluna S.A. as an essential member of our family.  Raul Rodas from Paradigma Coffee Roasters will be working with Ensoluna.

We believe strongly that there are two wonderful characteristics that Raul has which will benefit our company greatly.

Raul does not mind taking chances in life – actually, he loves taking chances, just the way how he captured the ultimate trophy in Vienna, Austria 2012 Barista Championship, by creating a signature drink that explores the elements of the coffee process. He used natural processed coffee from Finca La Soledad in the Acatenango. He left the coffee in dry fermentation for 14 hours and then dried for 15 days. And then he used an infusion of fresh "cascara"–the coffee cherry outer shell–, an infusion of green coffee covered in mucilage, along with partially roasted coffee (Raul calls "yellow bean" and a "first crack" coffee) brewed using a Clever Dripper.  That was a stroke of genius.

Now, he takes his place among the greatest baristas in the world, an astonishing achievement for this 25 years old. 

Everyone loves Raul Rodas because he is just one of the guys.  Matter fact, he is unique in how much he is loved in this coffee industry, however, there is no secret for it. He is kind and friendly.

A humble person! He loves meeting every coffee lovers and discussing about the passion of the next generation. 

For these two characteristics, he is rock solid in our coffee industry.


Ensolua is convinced that Raul Rodas will make a huge difference in finding the greatest coffees in Guatemala for our international customers and with his “know-how”, he will also help us to educate any foreign students coming to Guatemala to learn and experience the wonderful world of Guatemalan coffee cultures. 

He will play the key part in our company with lots of hard work and proven professionalism.



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